Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buzzzing activities at CCDS!

Whew! Catch a breadth, step back and take stock. Things have been super busy, a nice busy but hectic! Here's whats been keeping us too-busy-to-post:
  • New Store Opening! After the love you showed our new store in GK-1 M Block, how could we not yield to the needs of our lovely supporters who used to battle the heat, traffic and fuel costs and loyally drove all the way down from Gurgaon? YES! Your very own local CCDS in Gurgaon coming this summer :) A nice big store with a great classroom **whoops of joy**
  • CCDS is online! Yes we answered your pleas, prayers, demands and threats (yup, we get those too.) It was a herculean effort but we had to do it someday. The website has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g a baker and cake decorator could want plus no more emails to send for price requests-how cool is that? Check it out at (seriously addictive, don't say we didn't warn you!)
  • CCDS Newsletters should be hitting your inboxes-no? Have you signed up? Lets touch base, let you know why and what we are doing, what new goodies have arrived, school news, student achievements-a packed newsletter for you to cozy up and read.
  • A brand new Confectionary & Cake Decorating Diploma starts August 9th! New content with latest techniques-this course was so packed with content and then we went and added more:) There was just too much to contain in the 30 sessions and so now the new version is a 32 packed session course. Cake overload.
  • Drum rolls please.......CCDS is proud to introduce the world famous Knightsbridge PME Diploma from the U.K. Learn classic cake decorating techniques, that are oh-so European and stylish. Take your cakes many notches above the competition. Check out class schedules at
Happy Cooking and Cakin' people, catch you soon on one of the above platforms:)