Saturday, April 3, 2010

What do you have in your Decorating Toolbox?

Do you sometimes just poke around your cake tools or kitchen gadgets? Is'nt that fun? I find it very soothing and uplifting, which got me thinking, what are everyone's can-not-live-without tools? Well for me the list goes as follows:

Kitchen Aid: Need I explain why?

Wilton Professional Turntable: This is gotta be the one item that has been abused and used most in our test/class kitchens. If dropped it can crack your toe (been there, experienced that) but it is rock solid. I have placed huge cakes on this thing and it turns like a charm without groaning, even under a 6 tiered cake too!

CCDS custom made gumpaste tools: These babies win hands down over any of the leading gumpaste tools in the world (at a fraction of the cost!) They are super smooth, strong and give you just the perfect amount of control that you need to create the thinnest, most realistic flowers out of gumpaste.


  1. I agree about the KA! I just got mine-do you stock them at your store too? I would like to buy another one for my mother.
    I am coming to Delhi in the next few weeks-already signed up for CD1:)

  2. Hello Jenny

    We do have Artisan Kitchen Aids in the store, however most people do order their specific colour choices and we order them in for you. See you in CD1!

  3. I am from Pune, I am so happy to see that someone in India is selling Kitchen Aid, My dream is finally coming
    How can I order one???