Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to the CCDS Blog!

At CCDS we are not just good teachers but serious foodies as well. There is always so much to talk about at the School that we just had to start a blog to keep you posted on all the latest news and happenings from CCDs. This blog is intended to serve as an informal platform for us to share ideas, discuss recipes and rant about our pet peeves and joys in the culinary and cake decorating world, not just with students but others out there who are not students, yet. Other than that the blog will be updated with event news, pictures from workshops and classes and discussions on new products.


  1. Hi fellow CC'er... great cakes! the purse is really nice! doesn't look like u just started this... looks very good!

  2. Thank you Natalie! We have been teaching since yes, I have quite a few cakes under my belt:)

  3. hi, m Payal Jain from Delhi...m into eggless baking and till now i havent learnt anything from anyone ...but i m really keen to learn sugarcraft...can u plz tell me if it is eggless and gelatine free also...and can i get cake decorating materials from your shop...and what are the timings and address of your shop? waiting for your earliest reply....

  4. Hello Payal
    Thank you for your interest. We are a strict egg free facility. All our courses contain no eggs/gelatin or any animal derived ingredients.
    We also have a retail outlet where you can purchase all cake decorating supplies.
    You can visit our website for more details and fill out the online form to register for any course.