Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling all foodaholic shoppers!

The retail store located inside CCDS is bursting with new stock of the latest gadgets and kitchen tools! We carry all supplies and designs required for our classes, along with modern and sophisticated designs for the amateur baker and cake designer.

Some of our supplies include basic and advanced cake designs, fondant, gumpaste and luster dusts, truffle moulds and sugarcraft cutters, baking and cake decorating ingredients that are practically impossible to find elsewhere, including Belgian coverture chocolate and pure extracts and flavourings. Other than this ofcourse there is the wide variety of tips, bags, pans and other basic supplies from PME and other local brands.

There is so much, much more – so come and take your time exploring what new gadgets, tools and ingredients you can pick up to enhance your culinary and cake decorating experience. As always, you can order an item not in stock or in our current product range and we will try and have it available just for you. Contact one of our friendly staff members for your specific needs!


  1. I visited your store this evening-thank you so much for taking the pains and maintaing such a large inventory, I could have spent hours at your place.

  2. Thank you HT we are glad you had a nice shopping experience!

  3. when can i cum n purchase products from your store. i am desperately waiting to come n shop loads of stuff.
    kindly post the address

  4. are u done with ur renovations..plz let me know...i wanna come n buy loads of goodies...